The biblical family unit of one man and woman married for life is God's gift to society and His ordained means of discipling future generations of children.


We recognize at Calvary Baptist Church of Lenexa that our culture is adverse to this reality. We also recognize that many have been touched by the effects of divorce in one way or another. If that is the case with you, we want to encourage and strengthen you in your current marriage. There is grace and forgiveness in Christ and this is what we teach and preach.


We seek to promote the biblical family unit as God's prescribed means of discipling future generations of children and promoting the health of His Church.


Because of this, we seek to glorify God by discipling the entire family. Our hope and prayer is that parents would step up and take the lead role of evangelizing and discipling their children.


At Calvary Baptist Church we want to come alongside you and help you strengthen your marriage by strengthening your relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. We also would like to equip you so that you, as parents, can take the lead role of training your own children in the wisdom and knowledge of God.

One resource we provide for family discipleship is our weekly Family Worship Guide.