training young men & women


A disturbing phenomenon is plaguing the youth of America's churches and has become youth ministry's dirty little secret. Two out of three youth, after leaving home for college, will leave the church and never return.


At Calvary Baptist Church of Lenexa, we are dedicated to reversing this trend. Our goal is not to entertain young people or just providing them with a place to hang out but to disciple them into fully-committed followers of Jesus Christ. At Calvary, we believe it is our duty as a church family to disciple our youth and prepare them for the world that they face. We are also passionate about empowering parents to be involved in the teaching and training of their own children.


Therefore, we believe that young people must not become separated from the other ministries of the church. They must be integrated into family ministry and have a place in the church where they contribute their own gifts and strengths.

What is the Gospel?

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