Calvary's Outward focus is one way that we bring glory to God in our lives. In many ways, our Outward can be seen as the answer to why the church is still here. Why doesn't God just pull his people--those saved by Jesus Christ--out of this world? We are still here because we have a purpose and a mission.

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:18) One way we do this at Calvary Baptist Church is by going Outward. We go out from our church building and into the world so that we can show Jesus and his love to the world. We do this in hopes that people will come to know Jesus as Lord and the reconciliation that we have with God through him. Outward ministry is a way of life.  It has many expressions, but primarily we do this through community groups.


Our prayer is that those who do not know Jesus will one day bring glory to God by turning their lives over to Jesus. Join us at Calvary Baptist Church and live out your faith in Jesus Christ.