Living Theology | 2 Samuel 10

Living Theology is a blog series that draws out the theological principles of each week's sermon text and thinks through how we can apply them to our personal lives. In other words, this series asks how we can live out the theology of Scripture each day.

Sermon Text: 2 Samuel 10

You can watch Pastor Brian's sermon on 2 Samuel here:

Second Samuel 10 begins with a note about David's kindness to the family of Nahash. This is a consistent pattern with David. We saw his loyalty to Jonathan's family in the previous chapter, and a large portion of 1 Samuel is a testimony to David's loyalty toward King Saul--who, by the way, spends his time trying to find a way to kill David.

But as Pastor Brian mentioned in this week's sermon, fallen human nature often spurns kindness. This is especially true when it comes to the kindness of God. When we don't get want we want, and when things don't go our way, we are quick to question God's goodness.

But God will not let his goodness be questioned forever. One day he will bring justice to this world and set things right.

So how should we live in the meantime?

How have you seen God's kindness spurned? How have you yourself spurned God's kindness?

What are some ways that we can ourselves from spurning God's kindness?

How should we respond when others spurn our kindness?

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